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Site design and landscape design are key aspects of any project, as they lay the foundation for the functionality and aesthetics of a property. Site design is about designing and developing the space that a building will inhabit, including grading, drainage, lighting, and hardscaping. At Larchspur, we use our expertise in site design to ensure the safety and usability of your property. Landscape design is about designing outdoor spaces that match your property's style and personality, while also considering sustainability and resource conservation. Our team excels at creating landscapes that enhance the beauty and functionality of your property, while also minimizing environmental impact.


Whether you are looking for a new patio, garden, pool or outdoor kitchen, we can offer you comprehensive solutions tailored to your lifestyle.

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Services include the design of walkways, seating areas, water features and much more. We believe that details make a difference. We bring care and attention to every element of your landscape.


Spaces that enhance the creative environment, of students through interactive outdoor learning, play spaces, and and sports facilities to support their well-being and academic success.

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